“I’m no runner! I tried it a bit when I was a teenager to keep my friend company, but I didn’t really enjoy it as I mostly ended up on my own as she was much faster than me!

So I was surprised at myself really when I signed up to the Dollies Couch to 5k course. My friends were giving it a go so I thought “why not?”!!

We were all a bit nervous on our first night! Nobody sure what to wear, whether we’d need oxygen after the warm up, or whether we’d hold everyone else up by being so slow!!! But we needn’t have worried! Everyone was so lovely and we were all in the same boat. All shapes, sizes and ages were in our group, and it was a really fun and social night. After a warm up we were off round the beautiful scenery of Gregynog, and amazingly (for me!) we all managed to keep together and I actually ran when I was supposed to!! Stretches at the end of the run, and then off we went, with another run to do for homework.

I really enjoyed my first night at the Dollies. I hadn’t thought I would, but supportive leaders and fellow runners made it a great return to running!”

~ Jane, Gregynog Dollies