"Joining a running club can often instigate big improvements in performance and, more importantly, provide enduring memories, experiences and companionship. The Dolly Mixtures does just that."

~ Sandra Banfield

"When I saw Dolly Mixtures advertising "walk to run 5k in 12 weeks" I thought they would have their work cut out with me. I would be the first to fail! But with my daughter's encouragement I joined and am extremely pleased I did. The leaders are superb, giving lots of advice and encouragement. I have surprised myself with what I have achieved with their help. I have made so many new friends and now look forward each week to our next run."

~ Elaine Lewis

"When I joined Dolly Mixtures I'd been running about 18mths on my own and had entered a few races. I'd heard about the group but wasn't sure if it was for me. I stupidly thought it was for complete beginners! After speaking with Kelly at one race I decided to give it ago and got put straight into the fast group and it was a tough first run with the first mile being 8.30m/m definately not beginners! I was pushed that night and I loved it! We are all encouraged all the way and the friendship is great, we are all encouraged to give races ago. Since then I have been injured and took time out, but still kept in touch via the FB site and was welcomed back. I went into the middle group and at a time when my running mojo was at a low the leaders got me going again, they constantly check we are all ok with pace and will adjust to suit us all. I love that the group has brought together ladies from all kinds of running backgrounds (or not) all ages, shapes & sizes and have changed the way I approach my running for the better. It has also brought together new friends and old and the social aspect is FAB! Well done ladies and keep up the great work."

~ Suzanne Sheppard


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